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Harmony by Baron-Braxis
Just a character concept. It's sorta about a Princess who looted a bunch of cursed weapons and armor and trained in a tower to prepare for a legendary Evil or perhaps Good to fight. However she got so caught up in training she did not realize that she had died due to the many curses and time. The curses actually have a neat chemistry with each other to give her a state of undeath and a unique look. I'm still working on her cursed armaments but Her main weapon in her arsenal is her Song Sword. Self Sharpening, makes Killer instinct like notes when it makes contact, flexible and almost unbreakable it seems like the perfect weapon at least that's what the sorcerer smith thought when he made it. Being poorly enchanted it would either drain the life force of unworthy wielders or make obnoxious noises when swung. Harmony has figured out the weapon and can change its form in mid combo, when its form changes a different genre of music can be heard. She also Forgot what she's supposed to fight and what her motivation was for doing it. More info to be made whenever I can think of it.
Moira V2 by Baron-Braxis
Moira V2
An interesting gal. born into a then prestigious now fallen from grace family of sorcerers she was burdened with bringing them back into the good graces of the higher echelons of society. for the majority of her life she fashioned her self as the savior of her family and put herself on a pedestal. She however was not born with a knack for the usual schools of magic and was actually gifted with a forbidden one(this plays into why the family has fallen from grace). she could not cast spells and relied on physical athleticism. If the higher ups were not thinking of expelling her, once she displayed some of the "Forbidden" magic they definitely made up there mind. Once she heard of this she went to great lengths to get to everybody's level and her first Idea was to take a magic wand and Tome that once belonged to her family and was sold to the Academy. Said to hold great power for the household. it was thought to be a myth since it didn't work for anybody but hey, better than nothing right? So yadda yadda yadda she steals it but is almost caught in when she is surrounded. Ridiculed into opening the tome, it activates and teleports her to a world that looks like a semi-futuristic Manhattan. Yadda yadda yadda again she crashes into some cars and the tome and wand are confiscated but she was recruited by the Guild of Heroes in the process after they see she has near super human abilities. She is later setup to take the fall by her sorcerer guildies. She then Swears Vengeance and starts a career as a new Villain(she stinks at it though and has a hard time recruiting henchmen). Some notes for her, she is scrappy and has an insecurity that everybody is constantly underestimating her so she puts on a Queen Bee act to counter this. She has the ability to wield Dark magic and manifest it into various weapons and wears it as clothing and armor. She starts out having and abysmal amount of proficiency for magic but after she retrieves the Wand and Tome she really starts to grow(She gets it back by forcing a new Hero? framed for terrorism Fellow by the name of Alec Marsden to be her henchman and help her steal it in exchange for information on the Guild of Heroes psyche's). The Wand shoots out as a Blade and can form into anything and summon shadow beings. she has a degree of super reflexes, strength and speed. She is also super loyal to those she helps or gets helped by. More to come sometime. Sorry I'm not an English masturrr.
Chester V2 by Baron-Braxis
Chester V2
This guy is pretty much finished so here's some details about him. He was bouncer in his mobster neighborhood on his home planet. His main tools in his arsenal are the robot arm sticks he wields with brutal efficiency. He has a pretty deep voice despite his small stature. Initially thought he was doing good for his hometown but an undercover Protectorate agent quickly showed him what was really going on.The Mob which fashioned itself as a savior to the townsfolk was actually extorting them and killing those who didn't cooperate and blaming the authorities. Mortified by this he now works as a double agent for the mafia as a "hitman", helping innocents who got duped by the mobsters and bringing legitimate mobsters to justice. He has a full suit of Armor he can dawn with the arm sticks. He is a pretty upbeat hamster thing and has a habit of patting people on the back when they are down(sadly he sends them flying into something due to him using the arm sticks). 


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