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2015 Start by Baron-Braxis
2015 Start
A few things I wanted to start off the new year with. I will only work on these pictured above until 80% completion(maaaaaybe 75%). Apologies if this is a Big Azz picture.

The Galactic Protectorate are a covert organization dedicated to bringing balance to all sectors of the galaxy. Each sector has trained operatives ready to fill the roles needed to help would be heroes, ragtag thiving groups, rebels to a hostile empire and so on. As each team is sent to a planet they are assigned roles and they are given the tools needed to find the people they need to influence. The roles they need to play can be anything from leader,second in command, Traveling weapon merchant, anti-hero and in some case minor to major villain. There goal is to help steer the heroes in the right direction to give them the extra push they need weather morally or literally to bring balance back to there world.

The Protectorate collect the cultures of all planets they have sent agents to. They have vast stores of information, Religions, Cuisine Philosophy, anything you can think of. They have world tellers who study all the religions in the galaxy, Protectorate cooks trying out every recipe. Technicians who utilize the knowledge and technology found(though it is mostly used for educational purposes.

They are also a military power not to be trifled with. In most cases the agent sent in is hooked to an inhibitor and have a seeker to make sure they don't go overboard. Even with the limits in place an agent can greatly overpower most foes if needed. Only under the most dire of circumstances can an agent remove a strike from the Inhibitor.

The Inhibitor is a device that has a set power limit for agents. It comes with strikes on the side of the device, the more powerful the protectorate agent, the more strikes that are on it.

The first task for a protectorate agent is to create and maintain an Alias before they are needed to go into action, they then need to find whom they believe will be one of the people with the potential to change the world. It is key that they do not reveal what they really are and they are ok to choose whether or not they need to interact with the Hero or just follow them.

The Protectorate
A very small idea I had for a series of stories. Needs some major parts added but I just wanted to have something out there on the site. I'll mostly be posting this stuff in scraps until I have anything cohesive enough.


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